Matiz Coaching: The Voice of the Customer

“An invaluable experience and learning process.”

(K. C. London, UK)

“If I needed to describe it in just one word, it would be “liberation.”

(M.B. Huelva, Spain)

"I understood that the answers are inside myself.”

(G.S. Bogotá, Colombia)

“I gained a new level of awareness that allows me to review my mental map and know myself better.”

(P. A. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

“This has been a very interesting reflective process to improve myself, both personally and professionally.”

(C. B. Bogotá, Colombia)

“Learning through coaching has become part of my day to day routine. For me, this was a unique experience.”

(A.B. São Paulo , Brazil)

 “I discovered that the solution was not somewhere outside of me, but within me. Instead of wanting to change my circumstances, I learned how I could change myself so I could cope with any situation that I found myself in."

(A.B. Utrecht, Neederland)

“I have reached balance within all aspects needed to have a happy and stable life, I have made impressive changes also in the family business, I feel self-confident, authentic and self-sufficient.”

(A.D.  Bogotá, Colombia)

“On this journey I have learnt to value inner infinite resources like love, respect and acceptance. The final result is: personal and professional fulfilment every day.”

(C.C. Granada, Spain)

“I have discovered useful tools for increasing my awareness and for living with much more wisdom every single day. With this, I can plan for the long and short term in the most effective way.”

(F.V. Santiago de Chile)

“The coaching process has been, to me, the most effective personal project for mental reprogramming in my 37 years of life."

(R.C. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

"The coaching process was a self confrontation, necessary to clarify and see everything in my life in a most positive and objective way. I was able to develop discipline in some aspects that are fundamental to me."

(V.H. Burghausen, Germany)

“My coaching experience has allowed me to initiate a continuous learning process that has made possible development of my personal potential.”

(C. S. Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“I had a desired goal, but I did not how to reach it. Coaching sessions were important on the building of this path. I was able to define step by step all that I needed for fulfilling my personal goal.”

(G. S. San Juan, Puerto Rico)

“Today I visualize my own competences much better. I feel motivated to identify new ways to strengthen them, on top of recognizing new ones, until now, unknown to me."

(M.S. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

"Thanks to the coaching I was able to let go of my professional fears and seriously contemplate the possibility of seeking a new career opportunity.”

(J. B. Granada – Spain)